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Calculator PanecalST Plus

2.07 usd

Simple calculator which has a large display.This includes features below:*Four arithmetic operations, tax, memory, and percent calculation*Large display avoids to mistake to input expressions*Easy editing by using a cursor operation *Scroll, copy and paste*Expressions history and last answer history*Percentages*Root*Calculations with parentheses*Configurable grouping separator and decimal point DescriptionThe PanecalST is a calculator that equipped with multi-lines display and easily editing using by cursor. You can calculate a price including tax, percent, store value to the memory and so on. The design of the PanecalST is very simple and basic calculator, but the PanecalST has some powerful and useful functions such as cursor expressions editing, last answer, answer history, re-play of expressions. DisplayThe PanecalST can indicate long expressions on the display. If you may mistake to input expressions, you can correct this expressions easily and quickly using by BS(back space) key, arrow keys and C(clear) key.
Re-play and history functionsThe PanecalST can indicate expressions that you inputted in the recently using by △(re-play)key. If you long-press re-play key, a table of the expressions history is available.
Last answer and history functionsThe PanecalST can indicate last answer that is result of last expressions using by ans key. If you long-press ans key, a table of the last answer history is available.
Percent calculationThe PanecalST can calculate expression include percent. If you would like to calculate “20% more $50”, you can input 50+20% and get a result.
Tax calculationThe PanecalST can store tax rate in the setting. And you can get price including / excluding tax easily and quickly using by Tax+/Tax- keys.
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